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Transmethylation with sodium methoxide


After evaporating the solvent under streaming nitrogen, 330 µl of toluene/methanol solution and 170 µl of sodium methoxide solution are added. The sample is shaken for 20 min and 500 µl saturated sodium chloride solution and 20 µl of 32 % (v/v) hydrochloric acid are added. The resulting fatty acid methyl esters are extracted twice with 1 ml hexane. The combined organic phases are dried under streaming nitrogen. The remaining fatty acid methyl esters are re-dissolved in 100 µl acetonitril and stored under argon atmosphere at -20°C until use.

toluene/methanol solution:
toluene/methanol (2:1, v/v)
sodium methoxide solution:
0.5 mM CH 3NaO in methanol (SIGMA)

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